We Help Coaching & Consulting Businesses Scale Through 

Paid Traffic


LoekMedia is a new-age, specialist digital advertising agency. Most agencies are slow, unorganized & use logic rather than field-tested concepts.

Most agencies will spend 30 days on-boarding you, then charge you a fee! On-Boarding takes 90-minutes with us & there's no fee so we can get our ads up and running as quick as possible. We're quick, we're nibble & don't like to waste time.


We are always testing new Facebook strategies in order to take this platform to the edge of its capabilities.

Maximising profits, scaling aggressively, staying congruent to brand & image.


It doesn't stop there, we understand that there is no point in pouring water into a bucket with an empty hole. That's why we always start with the sales process, Wheather it's an e-commerce business or a local yoga studio we take a look at what your sales & indoctrination process looks like and we start there. Plug the leaky holes, drive highly qualified leads.


So, we implore you to book in a discovery call with us & see how we deliver the results other agencies have not been able to.

How We Can Help



This is our flagship service. Over these 90 days we come in & totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 14 days you'll have your ads running. In 90% of cases all we need is photos from your end and we start to construct your campaigns. We work on the strategy and making sure that we load the canon properly in order to have a successful campaign.




If we decide to work with you, it's only because we genuinely believe it's going to be a home run. This 90-day program is a fixed 3-month agreement & then from there it's rolling month by month.


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