Step 5: Book In Your Strategy Session 

So, You have pretty much successfully gone through the onboarding process. 


Now, it is time to book your strategy session. 



You've paid the invoice.

You signed the contract and you're officially a client of ours.

You've told us exactly what you're looking for in terms of client acquisition or customer acquisition.

What you want, what you don't want.

You know what the 90 days look like.

You know what to expect, you're excited about it, so now it is time to book a strategy session. 


Now the strategy session will be with myself and it's going to be on zoom. That strategy session takes around 30 odd minutes, so block out 30min. Sometimes it spills over into 45 minutes but usually, it's around 30 minutes. 


There will be a link to my calendar right below book a time that is convenient for you, and I will see you on zoom shortly.