Step 1: What To Expect From Onboarding

So welcome to the LoekMedia onboarding process!


Now, don't you just hate it when you are trying to get on-boarded with maybe a new agency or new contractor or service provider consultant whatever it may be and there's just that back and forth emails that they need something from you, you need something from them and it's just a really scrappy process?  


Well look I respect your time as a business owner so this onboarding process literally from A to Z is automated and you can do it in one sitting now granted you're going to need around 90 minutes for this, so I need you to block out a good amount of time, but look it's either 90 minutes or it's 4 hours fragmented over 2 weeks which is what most agencies make you do on their own boarding process. 


So as I said set aside 90 minutes, it's going to be a fun little journey and I will see you in the next step.

Please Note: The on-boarding process takes around 90 minutes, please leave adequate time for this. This is the most efficient marketing onboarding process you'll ever come across.

It may take 90 min, but once it's done... it's done. No back and forth emails or stumbling for passwords further down the line.