Step 2: Sign Contract & Pay Invoice ⚡️

So we're at step three. 



Now you already know what to expect from the 90 days what to expect from us what we can expect from you now it's time to actually sign the contract and pay the invoice.



Pretty much this is the solidifier to you becoming a client of LoekMedia.



Now in terms of the invoice, I would have already sent you the invoice so you should have that in your inbox.



Now the first thing I need you to do is just scan through the contract. 



You can find the contract below it will open up in a new tab scan through the contract if you're all happy with it just go ahead and sign it. It is an E-signature software platform, so you don't need to send it back and forth, etc, etc. It really just saves a lot of time. This is the contract that all of the clients sign onto so should work for you, if you do need some amendments just let me know but no client in the past has ever needed an amendment for this contract so go check out the contract once you're happy with it, sign it.



Make sure that the invoice is paid and now you're officially LoekMedia client.

Now once that's done I'll see you in the next step.

Sign The Contract Here