Hi, nice to meet you.

My name is Michal Loek and I make films.

I believe that moving picture communicates more emotions than a photo, and is better in showing reality, so that a viewer can relate with an advertised product or convince to purchase a service easier.

I make films for a few years, here are productions that may interest you:

What exactly do I do?

Filming Streets
Hands Typing
Image by Jakob Owens


Commercials, events, intros,

 YouTube episodes and much more.

Training and consultations

How  to use video to promote your brand?

How to  shoot, edit and promote them with success.

Marketing campaigns

It's not a  big deal to have a good video.

It's important it reaches potential clients.

Are you thinking about creating a video but don't know how to start?

Get in touch and we will surely come up with something.

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